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Why I'm running


The Watertown Free Public Library (WFPL) has always been an important part of my life. As a kid, I loved getting a giant pile of books from the Library to bring home. In high school, my friends and I studied, researched papers, used the computers, and socialized at the Library. Today, as a parent of young kids, I still rely on the WFPL. The Library connects me with other parents and valuable resources. And my kids love bringing home a giant pile of books!


Like other great libraries, our Library plays unique and essential roles in our community: It enriches our lives with free access to information, books, ideas, and media, the Web, and classes for learning anything from English to computer skills to Bollywood dance. Our Library is also at the cutting edge, innovating to match our changing times, as exemplified in the Hatch Maker Space, where nascent engineers and entrepreneurs can go beyond learning to create something new. Our Library provides the tools that people need to grow, learn, create and enjoy life. 


I believe that every eligible member of our community should benefit from our fantastic Library. Thanks to the visionary work of the Library staff, leadership, and trustees, with support from the Town Council, the Library is achieving its mission to extend “...beyond its walls to connect people to ideas, information, education, creative opportunities, and to each other.” This is a mission that supports inclusion, growth, and democracy, and it is too important to leave anybody out. 


When every eligible member of our community has a library card, more of our neighbors benefit from one of Watertown’s most valuable public resources. That’s something that benefits all of us, and that is why I will make this a focus of my first term as Library Trustee. I appreciate your support and your vote this Election Day, November 2, 2021.



Maja Young

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